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A familiar example of an orthotropic material is wood. In wood, one can define three mutually perpendicular directions at each point in which the properties are...【Get Price】

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effects on clear wood and material containing growth features are compared. ... Wood may be described as an orthotropic material; that is, it has unique and...【Get Price】

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ABSTRACT. Wood is generally considered an anisotropic material. In terms of engineering elastic models, wood is usually treated as an orthotropic material.【Get Price】

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orthotropic material direction and plane over the complete loading range till failure. ... Program Wood as a building material coordinated by Professor Per Jostein...【Get Price】

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This study developed a nonlinear constitutive model for a sustainable orthotropic material. Existing methods for constitutive models of wood were improved upon...【Get Price】

Orthotropic hygric and mechanical material properties of oak wood

Jul 30, 2014 ... Wood Material Science and Engineering. Translator disclaimer. Orthotropic hygric and mechanical material properties of oak wood.【Get Price】


This report documents a wood material model that has been implemented into the dynamic ... Wood, LS-DYNA, orthotropic, material model, damage, rate effects,.【Get Price】

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Abstract. In this contribution a brief overview of the development of an orthotropic material model for the simulation of spruce wood under simultaneous plane...【Get Price】

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Among the construction materials, wood reveals an orthotropic pattern, because of unique characteristics in its internal structure with three axes of wood...【Get Price】

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material constant related to the moisture content of wood, e. C , e ref .... behaviour, especially because wood is a cylindrically orthotropic material: the concentric...